Grips are an important part of a golfer's equipment, but they are also something that can be replaced.

The best grips come in different sizes; we can choose which size we want. There are many types of grips, and each has its unique characteristics. When upgrading your grip, there are a few things to remember.

If you use an oversized grip, you will have little difficulty playing in the beginning. But later, you will swing your ball with it, and it will be comfortable for you preventing blisters on your hands, and you will enjoy the game comfortably.

This article will discuss why club re-gripping is important and how an oversized grip improves the game.

What Are Oversized Golf Grips?

why oversize golf grips improve your game

Larger grips are wider than a standard set designed for golfers with larger hands. They usually have a thick build, a slightly looser fit, and a thicker handlebar to provide extra support and comfort. Some golfers have large hands and feet, and some don't, so their standard grips may be too small.

If so, a larger set of grips may be a great solution. At their most basic level, larger golf grips are just thicker grips. But they can also provide additional support and comfort to the golfer's hand and wrist, increase the distance the golf ball travels, or improve the overall feel of the club.

Why Is A Oversize Grip Better Than A Normal Grip?

why oversize golf grips improve your game

The main reason oversize grips are better than regular grips is that a wide grip provides more surface area for the hands and fingers. This means more traction, better control, and stability for the golfer. A wider grip also means more muscles are being used during the swing, which can improve your game on a neurological level.

This can lead to more consistent and accurate clubheads and confidence on every shot. And last but not least, larger grips are more expensive.

Benefits Of A Larger Golf Grip

The biggest advantage of oversized grips is that they provide more surface area for the hands and fingers to grip. This can improve many grip-related issues, such as grip strength, hand position, and the amount of traction your hands have when hitting the golf ball. Another benefit of larger grips is that they look great.

There are more benefits of larger grips which are detailed below.

Comfort Level

People worry about grip pressure, but it's not that big deal. A larger grip can help you connect more firmly with the club and swing the ball more freely. You probably don't want to put too much pressure on your first few swings, but the average golfer can hold the stock grip in their non-playing hand without any problems. If you struggle to control your stroke, you may need to experiment with your oversize grip until you find the right level of comfort.

Wrist Action

One main factor that greatly affects how well you play golf is how well you control your swing. If you have trouble rotating your wrists during your swing, you are putting yourself at risk of hitting the ball into the ground. Bigger hands also mean a wider base, making your shots skid on the green.

So, for bigger hands, you have to use a larger grip to improve your wrist movement and swing the ball. If the direction of the shot is not correct, the problem is not the grip but the direction of the wrist.

Relax And Relieve The Pain

Many players worry about hurting their hands during their game, so they try to eliminate potential sources of pain by wearing gloves, hard hats, etc. While taking care of your hands is good, you don't need to go overboard. Sure, wearing one glove and a hard hat can be a pain, but you must consider the time and energy it takes to put them on.

If you spend time on your grip instead of all of these, you won't get pain when you use your larger grip (oversized grip) on the golf clubs because it provides more space to strengthen the grip on the club.

How About A Oversized Putter Grip?

Larger putter grips are also a good investment. They provide a better feel and control on the putter face that you can bring to your game. If you're an average or low-power putter, a larger grip can help you dial in that putter face for a softer, more accurate putt.

If you're a more advanced player who likes to putt from longer distances, oversized putter grips can also be a huge advantage. Players who love to putt will love a larger putter grip.

What do PGA Tour Champions Say About Oversized Grips?

why oversize golf grips improve your game

During the 2016 PGA Tour Champions, it was revealed that the large (XL) grips used by some golfers hurt their hands and caused them to lose a lot of swing speed. It gives the golfer less support and makes it more difficult to rotate the wrists.

Many of the PGA Tour champions said that if they were in the same situation as me, they would switch to smaller (XS) grips. We think everyone should try both sizes and see which one feels better.


What effect does a large grip have on the golf swing?

An oversized grip restricts and slows down the hands instead of activating smaller muscles, often resulting in you losing both swing speed and the ability to level the clubface through contact quickly. This means that if your grip is too big, you risk overheating.

How do I determine if I need jumbo golf grips?

People who play golf with hands longer than 9 inches need larger golf grips. Putters often have a larger grip, which is thought to benefit golfers with joint pain. A golf club with a larger grip requires less force to grip.

How can a too-small golf grip affect your swing?

What happens if your grip is too small? The club can twist during your swing if your grip is too low. Because you have to grip the club tightly to prevent it from spinning in your swing, it can also cause extra stress.

Do drivers benefit from a larger grip?

In some situations, a larger grip is beneficial. Some players struggle to maintain a firm grip on standard-sized grips because they have larger hands. A larger grip can also help senior golfers who struggle to get a strong grip due to conditions like arthritis.

The Bottom Line

If you are a golfer who plays regularly or considering getting into the game, you should consider upgrading your grip. It might cost a bit more, but it will be worth it in the end. The correct grip can improve your play, even if you're an average player who usually goes for the standard set of wedges. So oversized grip can help you add some real confidence to your swing and turn those shots into dingers.