Golfers put one glove on their poorest hand to help them handle the club more securely while swinging. As the weaker hand has to struggle the most to grip the club, the glove provides extra friction and helps shield that hand from serious injury while practicing or playing. But if you put them on both hands, they perform far worse. The explanation is that wearing two golf gloves makes your palms sweat faster, preventing your hands' balls from gripping the club as effectively.

Now, let's discuss briefly why golfers wear one glove and what role the glove plays.

Reasons Why Golfers Wear Only One Glove

why do golfer wear one glove

Here are some benefits of wearing a golf glove:


The grip is the main benefit of wearing a golf glove. A golf glove will prevent the club from slipping into a player's hand since it is stickier than the skin, especially in warm weather. Additionally, gloves increase the friction between the gloved hand and the grip.

Gloves might be especially helpful for golfers with sloppy grips. Specialized gloves may also be helpful in particular circumstances to enhance the grip due to the influence of the weather on the game.

Blisters Or Callouses

Repeated swinging motion may cause calluses or blisters when holding a golf club excessively tightly. A glove can lessen the possibility of blisters and calluses forming, even though it is not a cure. Some famous golf players also tape the areas that are affected by blisters.


Generally, many people sweat a lot more than others. Sweat helps to lessen the friction between two surfaces. It might make it harder to hold the club firmly in your palm. Therefore, an inherently weak hand can cause the club to slip at the exact moment of contact when it is struck with full swing force, with sweat acting as a friction-reducing agent. Gloves might be useful since they dissolve sweat and give you more control.

Things To Consider While Buying Golf Gloves

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Here are some tips to consider when buying golf gloves:


Your budget for purchasing a glove is crucial to indicate everything in this situation. Pick the right choices in your budget range if money is not a concern. However, buying gloves according to price is the only option if you are on a limited budget.


Thinner fingers may go well with the fit so that it never feels too tight or loose and always remains in place. You might even think about having the glove sewn with your name or nickname to prevent mix-ups.


Golf gloves endure a lot of criticism, particularly if you play regularly. Since the palms might get badly damaged from dragging over the rough; therefore, search gloves are manufactured of quality material. This will extend the gloves' lifespan and enable you to function more effectively between changes.

Palm Padding

This function is beneficial if you often strike the ground with your club. The padding on the palms helps reduce some of the impacts and can assist in avoiding the formation of those unsightly calluses.


Choosing a golf glove with ventilation holes will assist in keeping your hands from being hot, stinky, and sweaty when you game in hot conditions.

On Which Hand Should I Wear Glove?

Whether right- or left-handed, there is a dominant hand and a non-dominant hand. Each hand must make accurate and strong contact during the golf swing.

Right-handed golfers will cover their left hand with gloves since this hand takes the most force, but if left-handed, this is vice versa. Additionally, the hand controls mostly your swing's velocity and speed.

Reasons Why Golfers Place Their Glove In Their Back Pockets

Golfers may begin heading toward their ball and tuck their gloves into their back pockets after hitting a shot, generally off the tee. The gloves are put in the back pocket for comfort if needed for the next shot. If you place the glove again in your bag, you can waste time looking for it before your upcoming shot.

Another reason for this is wearing a glove the whole day at the golf club is a common cause of hand eczema. The best course of action is to remove your glove after shots to avoid the possibility of rashes and itching skin. On a hot day, it's advisable to occasionally remove your glove to let your hands air out due to possible accumulation of sweat.

Which Shots Don't Need Gloves?

Gloves, such as pitches, putts, and chips, are unnecessary for some golf shots. For instance, using a putter is about how the clubface feels when interacting with the golf ball; hence some players prefer not to wear gloves. They hold the putter with their bare hands to sense the same pressure they provide to the ball with the putter.

It all depends on how the golfer feels when making pitches and chips. Since these shots aren't supposed to be powerful, some people decide not to wear gloves. Accuracy is crucial for these shorter shots on the greenway; thus, golfers may decide not to use the glove.


Why don't golfers use two gloves?

Two gloves can make it challenging to detect when the club is loosening in your hand and can lead you to lose your grip on the clubs; that is why most golfers don't use them. Golf shots may become inaccurate as a result. One glove has enough grip and sensation to execute a great golf stroke.

Do I need to clean my golf glove?

Golf gloves should only be washed when dirty, as frequent washings might harm the leather. If cleaning by hand, you must use a neutral detergent and delicately clean the glove until all exterior dust and sweat are gone. When washing in a machine, select the delicate cycle.

What is the ideal lifespan of a golf ball?

When carefully monitored, a golf ball has an average lifespan of approximately ten years. Golf balls become old, but with safe care and maintenance, the overall quality is generally increased, and you can use it for over ten years.


We are at the end of the article; why do golfers wear one glove?

Golfers only use one glove to maintain a balanced grip and "feel" on the club, which enables them to control the club during the swing activity. It increases the reliability of control and ensures the perfect shots every time. Aside from this, it also protects from callouses and blisters. You can also wear gloves, which cannot ensure the perfect shot.

It would help if you remembered buying only durable, palm padding, branded, fit, and ventilation hole gloves. Thanks for reading!