WD stands for withdrawal, which refers to the situation in which a player leaves a tournament in the middle. This usually results from personal worries or an issue with the competition itself. Whatever the reason for a participant's resignation from the tournament, it is often regarded as a negative sign and one that should indicate future problems for the player.

What Force The PlayersTo to WD(Withdrawal)From Golf Tournaments?

what does wd mean in golf

Here are some most common reasons that force a player to withdraw from an event:

Medical Injury

The PGA Tour requires players who quit during a round to explain. They informed them that they needed an explanation for leaving the competition to maintain their good standing on the PGA tour.

Injury is one of the common answers of players. Tiger Woods's back problems during tournaments certainly cause you to recall seeing him stooped over in agony a few times. Occasionally, a player will experience an ankle or wrist issue that makes it almost difficult to continue in the game.

Golfers who withdraw due to medical reasons may be absent for several days or injured for the season as a whole. The same thing occasionally occurs in golf, like when you witness a football or hockey player being carried off the game for medical purposes. At this point, players have to assess their injury seriousness and decide whether it is wise to continue.

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An illness is another problem that golfers have that might make them stop playing. It might be challenging to play golf while unwell. Golf is difficult to play while wandering around the course if you suffer from a fever or a tummy infection.

Golf requires a lot of movement, and excellent performance requires a strong mental game. When you're not feeling well, these tasks are difficult. Because of this, any players who test positive should exit a tournament.

Problems With Their Golf Game

Due to issues with their game, golfers will occasionally attempt to withdraw from an event. The golfer may struggle, and their ball goes to the left, which is the major concern. Of course, the PGA Tour says that this is not an acceptable justification.

In general, spectators attend events to observe particular players, and event hosts even advertise the presence of individual gamers. If that golfer starts their first round with a triple bogey and then chooses to withdraw from the competition, it's not good for everyone's status.

They must overcome challenges with their golf skills. This is the only way of taking part in a tournament fairly. Sometimes golfers may well achieve the best rating and then exit the competition. This urges many supporters and other golfers to wonder whether the player is genuinely sick or going going going goinggoing terribly in the game.

For example, Tiger played well in the high 70s, but because of his back injury, he could not continue and had to leave the tournament.

what does wd mean in golf

Family Emergency

A family emergency is another important cause you may notice a player leaving a tournament slightly earlier. Some golfers will be forced to quit the game due to a family member's death or possibly the birth of a baby.

Despite how highly we regard these professional golfers, they are everyday individuals with regular lives. They occasionally encounter problems that require the same solutions we do. The PGA Tour golfer occasionally needs to leave the competition to attend to personal matters, just as you could take the day off from work.

Once more, the PGA Tour would accept this as a legitimate excuse for exiting an event or competition.

Are There Other Terms In Golf?

Yes, there are some other terms in golf which are given below:

NC – No Card

Sometimes a player will finish a round but choose not to hand in their statistics. In this situation, choosing the "No Card" status might be the best option. A player's scores won't appear on a leaderboard for a certain tournament if they are joined. However, they will appear (and be employed) for a pair, team, or foursome competition.

DQ – Disqualified

A disqualification penalty is usually warranted when a major violation of the golfing rules has happened. If a player is disqualified, then any scores recorded for him will be deleted and won't be used in any other tournaments during that round.

DNF – Did Not Finish

This status is suitable for those who began a round but did not complete it. Related to the WD term, the player's incomplete scores remain in use for team, pair, and foursome contests and are visible on the scoreboard.

NS - No Show

A player may be designated as NS if he fails to not participate in a round.

Do Golfers Who Withdraw From A Tournament Or An Event Receive The Reward?

Players who withdraw from a golf competition will not be awarded. After the last round of play, all participants who finished the full event receive their share of the prize money.

This is among the top reasons golfers attempt to complete every hole in a competition. Therefore, skipping a golf tournament may lose you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can surely figure out how to get through the tournament, even if you have a minor illness or injury. But sometimes, the disease or injury is too serious, and you must say goodbye to the tournament.


What does an E mean in golf?

The majority of 18-hole golf courses have a par of 70 to 72. Even par is denoted by the letter "E" on most scoreboards when the number of strokes used equals the required number. The scoreboard deducts one point if a golfer finishes the hole in one shot or with a birdie.

What Does AW Mean on a Golf Club?

A club normally placed among the pitching wedge and the sand wedge is known by the abbreviation AW or approach wedge. Because of this, some companies also call it the Gap Wedge, or GW.

What to judge a winner if a golf game is tied?

In a tie, the player with the highest score for the back nine holes is declared the winner, followed by the final six, final three, and last one. The final 6, 3, and 1 on the front nine are used as a count-back if a tie cannot be broken on the back 9.

What do you mean by T3 in golf?

T3 offers precise, high-definition weather forecasts to assist in managing limited resources and great expectations from holders and participants.

Final Thoughts

We trust that this article has helped you understand any uncertainty you may have had about what WD accomplished in golf. WD stands for withdrawal and is used when a player decides to withdraw from a tournament or competition.

This may be due to various reasons, such as medical injury, illness, bad performance in the game, or family emergency. While it can be disappointing to WD from a tournament, sometimes it is the best decision for the player's health and well-being.