Grips are widely available in the market in several sizes; you must buy the most suitable and appropriate one.

Your hand size is the main factor when choosing the right grip. The hold and control over the grip depend upon your hand size.

Many players don't bother changing their grips according to their hand size to improve their game. That will surely be a game-changer. The grips can also be customized. You'll feel your game changes after replacing the grips according to your hand's size. It'll become a lot easier and better.

standard vs midsize grips

Grips are measured in diameters. Sometimes their size is mentioned on the golf club. By seeing, you cannot tell the difference between a midsize grip and a standard grip. You can easily tell the difference when you hold both grips in your hand. The midsize grip is 1/16" larger than the standard one.

You must have gotten a lot of recommendations on which golf club to buy, which drivers to buy, and which grips are the best. But in reality, only you know what's best for you. Grips size is as important as the shaft type, and the club feels. In this article, you will get all the information you need about the golf club's grips, the perfect grips according to your hand size, and all the details about standard vs. midsize grips. Let's get started.

Yes - It's Very Important To Get The Right Grips!

standard vs midsize grips

To Measure Your Hand Size, Follow These Steps

To Measure Circumference

  • Wrap the measuring tape around your hand where the fingers meet the palm.
  • Read and record the measurements

To Measure Length

  • Straighten your hand or point your finger upwards to the ceiling
  • Measure from the top of your middle finger to your palm's base
  • Prefer measuring in inches
  • Read and record the measurements

To Measure Hand Span

  • Place a ruler on a flat and even surface
  • Tape it to the table for better results
  • Stretch your hand across the space, as wide as possible (use your most dominant hand)
  • Focus the most on your thumb and pinkie finger
  • Place the thumb or the pinkie finger on the zero point of the ruler
  • Your middle finger should be perpendicular to the ruler
  • Read and record the measurements
standard vs midsize grips

Standard Vs. Midsize Grips

This decision depends on the size of your hand. You can measure the size easily at home. This is the exact measurement you need to choose the right grip for you.

Standard Grip

Midsize Grip

  • It is good for persons who wear mid-sized or large-sized gloves 

  • Midsize grips are best for large hands

  • It works for the majority 

  • It doesn't work for the majority population 

  • Golf iron and wood clubs mostly come with a standard grip

  • It can be customized according to demand and choice 

  • Very sensitive for accurate and good players 

  • Good for golfers with arthritis

  • Better for average players

  • Better feel for strong and powerful golfers

  • Reduces slicing 

  • It relieves grip pressure for smaller hands players 

  • Better control over the club

  • It helps the players to get the clubface square 

  • Standard grips are designed for people with the hand size of approximately 7 to 8.75 inches

  • Midsize grips are made for people with the hand size of approximately 8.25 to 9.25 inches

  • Its smaller than the midsized 

  • It is larger than the standard size

  • It doesn't help in bending less

  • It helps to bend your hand less

  • It doesn't work great with strong swings

  • Works best with powerful swings

  • Not so thicker 

  • These grips are thicker,better for protection from vibrations and more comfortable to use

  • These are not so sturdy 

  • These are sturdy and hard

  • Less circumference 

  • More circumference 

  • More grasp on the club 

  • It allows you to relax

  • Typically available in the market 

  • Not so typically available 

  • It allows a bit more speed 

  • Its lighter to hold and play

  • We have to hold it firmly 

  • Easy hand wrapping around the grip

  • Good for players with small hands

  • Players with smaller hands find it hard to release the golf club 

  • You're restricted to how far you can move the club

  • you're not restricted 

  • That's not so expensive

  • that's a little expensive

  • Not a good balance between comfort and grip

  • Good balance of comfort and grip

  • It's not so effective,you have to make continuous efforts

  • it's way more effective,reduces movements and twists

You Can Determine Your Grip Size From Your Glove Size

Grip Size

Glove Size

  • Undersized grips

  • Men's small/ women's small-medium

  • Standard grips

  • Men's medium-medium large/ women's large

  • Midsize grips

  • Men's large

  • Midsize or jumbo size grips

  • Men's extra large or XXL

Grips Size And Hand Size

Grips Size

Hand Size (inches)

  • Junior grips

  • Less than 5 or equal to 5

  • Undersized grips

  • From 5.1 to 6.5

  • Standard grips

  • From 6.6 to 7.5

  • Midsize grips 

  • From 7.6 to 9

  • Jumbo size grips

  • From 9.1 to 10

Top Midsize Golf Grips

  1. Champkey Mcs Midsize Golf Grips
  2. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Midsize Golf Grips
  3. Winn-Dri-Tac Avs Midsize Golf Grips
  4. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Golf Grips
  5. Champkey Stp Midsize Golf Grips

Top Standard Grips

  1. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2g Standard Grip
  2. Pure Pro Standard Grip
  3. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Standard Grip
  4. Lamkin Crossline Standard Grip
  5. Winn Excel Standard Grip

Final Verdict

There can't be a definite answer to which grip is the best. It's all about the choice and preference of the user. It's totally up to the player to experiment with both or do some research about both grips properly to get the perfect answer. We have tried our best to provide you with the best detail about standard vs. midsize grips. Now you have to decide for yourself. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and got all the information you needed. Don't forget to share your experience with us.