Golfers are interested in the kit that professionals use when playing. Everyone is curious to know which are the famous putters on the Tour of PGA and which players use which brand. Ping, Bettinardi, Odyssey, TaylorMade, and Titleist make the five common putters on the Tour of PGA. Each player uses multiple models and layouts from a single company.

This article will discuss the Tour's most popular putter brands and models.

Popular Putters On The PGA Tour

Let's take a closer look at the five most popular putters on the PGA Tour.

Odyssey Putters

The Odyssey eleven triple track putter is a perfect choice when looking for some of the highest degrees of flexibility available on the market. These putters from Odyssey are made of fibers, steel, and aluminum materials to give them a good MOI.

For maximum stability, the top is square and especially wide. Additionally, eleven has a horizontal white line alignment feature. Players can choose a basic head top or use it to line up shots.

The Odyssey straightened and lowered the shaft section to reduce weight with a more solid swing result. This model is equipped with a white-hot plug face instead of micro hinges for added stability in sound and feel, as is common for most Odyssey putters.

About 45 players have been using the Odyssey putter in the PGA Tour. These players' names are Joel Dahmen, JON Rahm, Kevin NA, and Keegan Bradley.

TaylorMade Putters

One of the most commonly used putters is the TaylorMade Spider putter, which comes in many models. Players like Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Robert McIntyre, and Rory McIlroy use this putter model.

A spider putter looks like a mullet and feels like a sharp blade but has a lot of flexibility. It increases topspin and improves carryover, giving you a stronger feel and great sound.

The TaylorMade Spider X combines a strong (320g) steel structure with a light (15g) carbon composite bottom to deliver maximum perimeter weight in a super-smooth design.

Only Martin Kaymer and Colin Morikawa, two PGA Tour champions, do not use the Spider model of TaylorMade putters. While Morikawa uses the TP Juno Prototype and Kemmer has the Truss TM1, the best Taylor-made model.

Bettinardi Putters

Roberto Bettinardi started his putter manufacturing business in 1998. Who used a piece of steel to make his putter, took his love of golf, and completely changed the putter industry. Bettinardi changed the manufacturing industry by introducing the concept of "one technology."

Previously, steel was cast, welded, and hammered to make clubs for putter makers. Consequently, this strategy significantly increased the players' on-green consistency and ego in favor of the idea of OEMs' "one-piece" production in the industry's understanding.

On the Tour of PGA, Matt Fitzpatrick, Matt Kuchar, and Jason Kokrak all favor the Bettinardi putter. Kuchar uses putter of Bettina di DASS KM-1 arm lock, and Fitzpatrick has a DASS BB1 tour putter. At the same time, Jason Kokrak is carrying the putter by Studio Stock 38.

Titleist Putters

Top golfers and the general public enjoy using Titleist Scotty Cameron putters. There is a significant difference (almost twice) between second-place Titleist and third-place PING, despite 35 players on tour preferring the Titleist putter.

Since Acushnet Brands (owners of Titleist) purchased Scotty Cameron in 2011, the brand has become more popular among PGA players and beginner golfers. The following players use Titleist brand putters:

  • Will Zelatoris - uses the Phantom X11 Prototype putter
  • Jordan Spieth - Uses Circle T 009
  • Scottie Scheffler - uses the GSS prototype putter

Ping Putters

Ping is also a popular name for golf's best putter brand. The company is well known and recognized in the golfing community for producing several excellent putters due to their internationally acclaimed designs.

Damascus metal is a material that developed in the Middle East and is used to make blades and daggers. Ping used that to make Watson's two new PLD Anser putters. Damascus steel develops flowing lines and waves during production, making it a wood-like appearance.

16 PGA players currently carry ping putters. Bubba Watson, Jokon Niemann, Tony Finau, Corey Connors, Stewart Sink, Lee Westwood, and Victor Holland are just a few. Almost eight players use a different PLD version, with Joaquin Neiman and Tony Finau using the Anser 2 and bubba using the Anser prototype in the PGA tour.

Popular Putters On The PGA Tour

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 putter is a remarkable piece of golf equipment that has garnered high praise and popularity among professionals on the PGA Tour. Designed by the renowned craftsman Scotty Cameron, this putter exhibits a perfect fusion of artistry and technology, delivering exceptional performance on the greens.
One of the standout features of the Phantom X 11.5 is its head design, which incorporates a low-bend shaft configuration, resulting in a slight toe hang. This design caters to golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke, allowing for a smooth and consistent swing path. The putter's weight distribution and balance have been optimized to promote a fluid stroke, providing golfers with enhanced control and feel.
With its high-MOI construction, the Phantom X 11.5 showcases exceptional stability and forgiveness. The moment of inertia refers to the club's resistance to twisting upon impact, and a higher value translates to greater forgiveness on mishits. This means that even off-center strikes retain consistent ball speeds and direction, helping golfers achieve more accurate and predictable results on the greens.
The Phantom X 11.5 also impresses with its meticulous craftsmanship and use of premium materials. The putter head is precision-milled from 303 stainless steel, renowned for its soft yet solid feel at impact. Including aircraft-grade aluminum components strategically redistributes weight, optimizing the putter's performance and increasing its resistance to twisting during the stroke.
Alignment is crucial to successful putting, and the Phantom X 11.5 also excels in this area. It features visual alignment aids, such as contrasting sight lines or dots, to assist golfers in setting up their putts with precision and consistency. These alignment features enable golfers to visualize their target line better, improving accuracy and confidence on the greens.
Experts and professionals on the PGA Tour have lauded the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 for its exceptional performance and attention to detail. The putter's innovative design, advanced materials, and precise craftsmanship make it a top choice for those seeking a putter that delivers consistency, control, and a superior putting experience.


Of the top 100 golfers on the PGA Tour, 70 percent use mallet putters, while blade putters make up 30 percent. With 30 players, Scotty Cameron and Odyssey Putter tied for second in that elite group. Of the top 100 golfers, 15% and 14% use PING and TaylorMade putters.

What is the average length of a professional putter?

On the PGA Tour, men often use putters 33" to 33 1/2" in length. Women can often wear lengths between 31" and 32 1/2". Always determine length as the first fitting parameter when fitting a putter.

How do I determine the length of putter I need?

When you are in the address position, the shaft of your putter should be perfectly aligned with your forearm. Golfers often choose putters that are too long for their game. And if you hold your primary putter under the grip, you should probably choose a shorter shaft length.

Which putter brand does Rickie Fowler favor?

Fowler utilized a Cobra putter in his PGA Tour career in 2021, and most recently, he has been using a putter by TaylorMade Spider GT. But for the Wells Fargo event in 2022, they created a Stingray 20, slightly different from the retail model and 3D printed by Cobra.


If you're looking for a new putter or want to see what the pros are using, be sure to check out all five of these models. And who knows, maybe one of them will help you take your game to the next level.