If your shaft is heavy, you'll find it hard to fly your ball in the air, and if your shaft is flexible and lightweight, it will become easier for you to swing high. Some people don't want to fly the ball high, but some do. It depends upon the choice.

Choose Your Driver Shafts Wisely

low spin vs high launch driver shaft

There Are Two Types Of Launches

  1. Low Spin
  2. High Launch,

The high-launch golfers hit the ball higher on the clubface, which makes the ball go high trajectory. Conversely, low-launch golfers hit the ball on the clubface's lower side, making the ball face a low trajectory.

This article will give you all the information about low spin vs. high launch driver shafts. The biggest mistake in golf is choosing the driver shaft for themselves. To make a correct choice, you need correct information. This article is going to help you with that. So keep reading.

What's A Driver Shaft?

To make a perfect tee shot, you need a fine driver shaft for yourself. It is like the engine of the golf club. A golf driver shaft is a long tube connecting the club grip and head. It is the middle part of the golf club.

In the 18th century, people used to make golf club shafts with bullet wood, iron heart, bloomahoo, etc. It got improved over time; the shafts became lighter and better. Steel shafts got introduced, and after that, aluminum shafts came into the market; later on, aluminum shafts were launched, and finally, titanium shafts were there to change the game. All these shafts have different properties and qualities.

Manufacturing Details Of The Golf Shaft

1. Perfect Design

Shafts are typically 14,7 mm near the grip and 0,360 in diameter at the tips.

2. Fine Material

Steel and graphite are the most common materials used these days. Graphite shafts are lighter in weight and good in performance.

3. Flexibility

The ability to flex is necessary for a shaft. It affects the speed, the spin, the angle, and the control. High spin needs strong and hard shafts. On the contrary, low spin needs soft shafts.

Flex options

  • XXS - Super stiff and gives a swing speed of 110-125 mph
  • XS - extremely stiff and gives swing speed up to 100 mph
  • S - very stiff and gives a swing speed of 90 mph
  • U - uniflex
  • R - regular shaft is good for beginners
  • M/A - not so flexible, not so stiffer
  • L - lady's shaft is the most flexible

4. Ideal Height And Length

The longer the shaft, the lesser the control. The ideal length is 35-40 inches.

5. Kick Point

A particular point on the shaft where the flex is highest. The low, mid, and high kick points are marked on the shafts to make it easy for the golfer to understand and use.

6. Tips Of The Shaft

The shafts are tipped to get the perfect swing. Tipping is required to improve the shaft's performance and interaction with the club head.

low spin vs high launch driver shaft
  1. True Temper
  2. UST Mamiya
  3. Mitsubishi

Low Spin Vs. High Launch Driver Shaft

Low Spin Driver Shaft

High Launch Driver Shaft

  • It provides easy low launching to low spin golfer

  • It's easy for launching 

  • Better for you if you want to enjoy a low launch game

  • The spinning is increased

  • It allows you to enjoy consistently long distance 

  • The club head speed is accelerated 

  • Gathers momentum in the air

  • Provides sufficient spin to fly the ball

  • Allows Neutral shots

  • Ballooned shots

  • The shafts are heavier 

  • The driver shafts are lighter

  • It is stiffer 

  • It is more flexible 

  • Possess high kick point

  • Features low kick point

  • It allows faster swingers to enjoy neutral shots

  • It allows slow swingers to enjoy sky-high shots

  • These shafts are good for smaller rooms

  • Good to go for big areas

  • Gains you more roll

  • Doesn't gain you more roll

  • It reduces torque loss

  • Torque can cause problems

What To Keep In Mind While Buying Driver Shaft?

There are several things to take into consideration when you are buying a driver shaft; some important things are

1. Speed

Before choosing the best shaft, you need to understand which shaft speed you need. If you're strong, then a stiff shaft would work great for you. It will give you a high launch and strong control. At the same time, slower swingers love to play with more flexible shafts, which give them neutral shots.

2. Swing Tempo

The swing tempo is as important as the swing tempo. Golfers who use a faster takeaway need less flex in their shafts. On the contrary, those who use a slower takeaway need more flex in their shafts.

3. Trajectory

If you want your ball to get a long drive, try to shoot the ball in optimal trajectory. Shooting the ball on a high trajectory isn't a good choice. Similarly, shooting the ball at a low trajectory will not cover the distance you want.

Best Low Spin Shafts

  • Taylormade Stealth Plus
  • Callaway Rogue St Max Ls
  • Cobra King Ltd X Ls
  • Ping G425 Lst
  • Srixon Zx7

Best High Launch Shafts

  • Aldila Nxt Gen Nvs 55
  • Alpha Platinum 45 Ultra Lightweight
  • Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum Regular Flex Driver Shaft
  • Fujikura Pro 2.0
  • Accra Fx 2.0

Final Thoughts

If you want to achieve 100mph speed without messing up the pyourure and your balance, you should decide between steel and graphite. A stiff shaft will make you hit the golf ball further.

After reading this article, we hope you got an idea about which shaft you need to level up your golf game, whether you want a low spin or high launch driver shaft.

Take some time to analyze your swing. We have tried to provideprovidedtion regarding low spin vs. high launch driver shafts. Please read carefully before buying. Don't forget to share your experience with us.