You might need to purchase a travel bag, pay for checked bags, and pray they arrive at your destination without incident. You might wonder how to travel with golf clubs without golf bags from one place to another and its benefits and drawbacks.

Golf bags protect your equipment and carry up to 16 clubs. Golfers who travel with their bags can easily carry their clubs because they need extra storage space. However, some golfers prefer not to carry clubs in their bags when they travel as this may be costly. They bring their regular golf gear and play wherever they like. However, this might be insecure and damage the club.

In this article, we will discuss how to travel without golf bags.

How To Travel With Golf Clubs If You Have No Golf Bag?

how to travel with golf clubs without a travel bag

Here are some ways to travel with golf clubs without golf bags:


Simply shipping your golf clubs in advance utilizing services such as FedEx, UPS, or Ship Sticks is one option to travel with. Doing this can save you the headache of carrying them through the airport. All you have to do is put your clubs in a box and mail them off. They’ll be ready and waiting for you when you reach your destination.

Use A Cardboard Box

You can always bundle your clubs into a huge cardboard box if you aren’t willing to pay the price for a shipping service. It’s possible that this is not the perfect alternative, but it will work. To restrict your clubs from traveling too much:

  1. Tape them in groups of two or three and wrap them in towels or bubble wrap.
  2. Put your head coverings on, then seal the box after packing it with clothes or towels.
  3. Make careful to identify it to prevent loss during transportation.

What Are The Requirements If You Have Decided To Travel Without Golf Bags?

If you have decided to travel without golf bags, then you have to follow these requirements:

  • Your golf clubs can’t weigh more than 110 pounds (50 kg).
  • They are covered with a soft cloth or towel.
  • They are not wider than 4 inches.
  • They are enclosed inside a box or hard case.
  • They are kept separate from other things in a compartment.
  • They must be stacked upright when being transported.
  • They are grouped in the same sequence as when they were bought.
  • They are packed in sections instead of being packaged as complete but in sections.
  • They are packed in layers.

Benefits Of Traveling With Golf Clubs Without Golf Bags

how to travel with golf clubs without a travel bag

Here are some benefits if you opt to choose to travel without golf bags:

Cost Is An Issue

This is the biggest advantage of not using a golf travel bag. We discovered from our investigation that these bags are quite pricey, as most sell anywhere between $50 and $400. Do you realize how much this is? As a result, saving money is achieved by skipping a golf travel bag. However, if you can easily buy it and feel it necessary, organizing a golf bag for your golf clubs and other supplies is a terrific idea.

For Comfort

Naturally, it is convenient for you to travel without a golf bag. Think about moving that heavy bag through the airport. It could feel depressing and stressful. For most people, it causes more of a headache. Thus, it is easier for you if you don’t have a portable golf bag while traveling.

For The Sake Of Lightweight

If you skip golf bags for golf clubs, this will allow you to handle lighter weights. In addition, the extra weight will result in higher fees. Airlines usually permit 40 to 50 pounds of luggage. Therefore, any additional weight results in huge expenses.

Benefits Of Traveling With Golf Clubs With Golf Bags

Here are some benefits of traveling with golf bags:

Prevent From Club Damage

Golf bags have robust and durable construction. It is designed to guard against unwanted harm to your clubs and other accessories. Regular bags, on the other hand, lack this tough coating. Thus, it might be simple to destroy your golf clubs and equipment.

For example, the clubs may easily be broken if you carelessly throw the bag or it is knocked. This might be a problem for those who choose to neglect the requirement for a golf travel bag. Thus, you could be more cautious and benefit from the advantages of possessing a travel bag for your clubs, although it is pricey.


Regular golf bags cannot add locks, whereas traveling golf bags provide greater protection and security. Your things run the danger of being stolen or lost as a result. However, the characteristics of a travel golf bag contribute to ensuring that your golf club is always secure.

As you want to keep your golf equipment secure at all times, therefore, this may not be a wise idea to travel without a travel bag while carrying golf equipment.


Are golf bags subject to additional flight fees?

Golf clubs are handled similarly to other checked bags by airlines as they are securely packed. You won’t have to pay more to have them on board. If your backpack weighs less than 50 pounds, several airlines will let you take it as carry-on luggage.

What is size golf bag considered to be normal?

Without clubs, a golf bag normally stands about 36 inches tall. A bag may often stand 50 inches tall when clubs are added. Depending on the clubs you’re packing, your bag will vary in height. However, you won’t ever exceed 50 inches using standard clubs.

What kind of travel bag do PGA professionals use?

Club Glove is the manufacturer of the most widely used travel bag on the PGA Tour. Their golf bags can hold any golf club, no matter how big or tiny, and feature a tonne of extra space for your golf shoes and other supplies in the inner and exterior sections.

How many clubs can you put in a golf bag?

A maximum of 14 clubs are allowed to be carried for playing. There is no limitation on the kinds of clubs you can bring. For example, you can bring left- and right-handed clubs and several putters and drivers.

Final Thoughts

We are after the article on traveling with golf clubs without golf bags. You can travel without golf bags by FedEx service and using a cardboard box. But for this, you have to fulfill some requirements.

Some people travel without golf bags because of comfort and extra money. Using golf bags will prevent your clubs from damage and protection, and your clubs will not be lost. Therefore, it is always advised to use golf bags for golf clubs. Thanks for reading!