They also maintain your hands dry, keep the blisters away, and reduce slipping. But how to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

A towel with a hole in the center is simple to hang. You need to put it somewhere where there is space for the towel to stay upright and hit the hook through the hole. It's smart to place something solid beneath so that when you're done hanging your towel, it won't fall over or hang down.

Let's discuss the process of hanging the towel with the hole in detail. Moreover, we'll share some tips for hanging the towel properly, like professional golfers.

Hang A Golf Towel With Hole In the Middle - Step-By-Step Guide

how to hang golf towel with hole in middle

Here are some easy steps to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle:

Find A Hook

Finding a hook is the initial thing you should do to ensure that your towel is properly fastened and does not spill over or droop. Hooks are available at your nearest grocery shop or any nearby sports shop.

Place Your Golf Towel On The Hook

To hang a golf towel with a hole in the center, just set it on a surface with enough space for the towel to stand upright and insert the hook through the hole. A solid wall connection must be used for the hook. You can also make use of a doorknob.

Place Something Beneath

To prevent the towel from falling over or drooping down once you've finished hanging it, ensure there is something solid beneath. Thanks to this, the golf towel won't fall off the wall if left unattended.

Proper Position Of The Hook

You can hang a golf towel with a hole in the center by carefully putting the hook in the right place. Please put it in a place where kids can't get to it, so they can't play with it, and avoid it from direct sun, so mold doesn't form on it.

Other Hanging Golf Towel Options

Here are some additional hanging options for your golf towel with a hole in the middle:

Utilizing a Retractable Towel Reel

  • Purchase a retractable towel reel designed specifically for golf towels.
  • Use a clip or carabiner to attach one end of the reel to your golf bag or golf cart.
  • Pass the towel through the hole in the middle and attach it to the reel.
  • Pull out the towel as needed during play and let it retract when not in use.

Attaching the Towel to a Belt or Clothing

  • If you prefer to have your towel readily accessible to your person, consider attaching it to your belt or clothing.
  • Pass the towel through the hole in the middle.
  • Fold the towel in half, bringing the hole to the edge.
  • Use a carabiner or clip to attach the towel to your belt loop, waistband, or clothing.

Why Do You Need Gold Towel Hole In The Middle?

The hole in the middle of a golf towel serves a specific purpose. Here are a few reasons why golf towels often have a hole in the middle:
Easy Attachment
The hole provides a convenient way to hang the towel on a golf bag, golf cart, or other equipment. By bypassing the towel through the hole, it can be securely fastened without additional clips or hooks.
When hanging a towel without a hole, it may shift or slide around on the attachment point. The hole in the middle allows the towel to stay in place more effectively, ensuring it doesn't easily come loose during movement or swings.
Drying Efficiency
The hole in the middle promotes airflow and ventilation, which aids in drying the towel more quickly. This feature is particularly useful in damp or humid conditions, allowing the towel to dry faster between uses.
Many golfers personalize their towels by embroidering or adding their initials near the hole. This helps to distinguish their towel from others on the course, especially when playing in a group or during tournaments.

What Are The Uses Of Golf Towels?

how to hang golf towel with hole in middle

If you're like most golfers, you honestly couldn't give your towel much thought. A nice golf towel with a hole in the middle may help the greens tremendously. Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of a golf towel:

Utilize It To Keep Your Clubs Tidy

Maintaining your clubs clean is crucial because a dirty club face can affect your shot. After each shot, clean them off with a wet golf towel.

Use It To Clean UpMesses

Although spilling drinks and muddy shoes are inevitable in games, this does not indicate that they have to spoil your clothes. For quick cleanup of spills, have a dry golf towel available.

Employ It As Cloth For Sunblock

The sun can be extremely harsh on the course, so wear sunscreen. Throughout the day, reapplying sunscreen without becoming your hands dirty is simple with a golf towel.

Convert It To A Sweatband

Put your golf towel over your hand for a fast sweat-reduction remedy if your hands start to sweat. During those sweltering summer rounds, you can grasp your clubs strongly.


Which towel are caddies using?

Caddies prefer fluffy, thick, and soft towels. For wiping down equipment, many people will choose the most absorbent option. A strong, long-lasting towel is required, and it is suggested to be made of cotton and polyester.

The appropriate towel will catch grime and water, allowing you to clean your clubs and other golf gear while concentrating on giving it your best effort.

Where do towels fit on golf bags?

The towel is usually attached to the front of the bag so that it hangs down when the stand supports the bag. This makes it simple to tidy your club after a shot. Additionally, most golf towels have a metal-lined hole for simple attachment to the front of the bag.

How many towels must be present in a golf bag?

We advise you to have at least two towels in your bag. One will be sufficient for the main objective, which is to maintain your equipment clear of debris. A second is recommended for extra duties like removing sweat, maintaining your grips dry, or cleaning your backpack or shoes.

Why are golf towels available in trifold?

Your golf clubs can be cleaned using the inside fold of the tri fold towel. Cleaning your golf balls is possible by using the second inner fold. The third fold can then be used to dry off the golf club's hands or grips.

What is the normal size of the golf towel?

The golf towel measures about 1.5 feet and is about 8 inches wide.

Final Thoughts

Now we are after the article on hanging a golf towel with a hole in the middle. I hope these guidelines will help you in the process of hanging a golf towel with a hole in the middle. This also assures you it is done correctly.

By following these easy methods, you can maintain the towel's cleanliness, freshness, and softness while extending its lifespan. To avoid mishaps, ensure that you keep them out of children's sight. Thanks for reading!