The most important role in this game is that of the target, which takes the ball to the hole. Sometimes even while playing the game, the balls are lost due to not playing the shot. Numerous balls of golf are lost annually by players worldwide, whether in fairways, water, or other areas.

But the question is, "how many golf balls lost in a year."

Almost 30 Crore balls are lost annually in the United States alone. And these balls are never found, nor are they tried to be found. According to a survey, decomposing a ball can take at least 100 years.

We will discuss in the article how we can avoid losing the ball and also how we can save our money by playing with a used ball.

Tips for Avoiding Losing Golf Balls

how many golf ball lost every year

If you can keep the golf balls used in the game, you won't have to worry about buying so many. Completing a round of golf without dropping the ball is quite an accomplishment. Each player must attempt to complete the course without dropping the ball. Here are some tips to help you avoid missing golf balls the next time you play.

Use Bright Colored Golf Balls

Golfers who have trouble finding their balls should use colored golf balls. When using a colored ball, it's usually easier to see it in the air and after it lands. Golf balls come in a variety of colors. Red, yellow, green, pink, and orange, are the colors you can use because they are easy for your eyes to find. If you are missing a lot of balls, we strongly recommend you use these colored golf balls.

Keep Your Eye On Your Shot

Lack of focus is the main reason why players lose their golf balls. We understand that looking at a bad shot can be annoying, but you should do it anyway. If you don't keep track of the ball, you'll quickly lose track of the shot and have little chance of recovering it.

Follow the ball's flight as it moves in the wrong direction as closely as possible. So keep an eye on the ball when hitting the shot to know which way the ball will go so that you can find it.

Aim for Safe Shots Below Mid

If you are not yet an expert golfer, why would you take the chance of hitting your shot toward the border of the fairway to gain a significantly stronger position for your second shot? Depending on whether you hit your golf balls with hooks or slices, there are chances that the ball will end up in the rough around halftime. If you aim for the center of the fairway or in general, you will miss fewer golf balls. This will lead to fewer strokes and penalties and fewer lost golf balls.

Prepare for Your Miss

Most golfers know whether they will hit the golf ball left or right. Usually, the experience begins to repeat itself a bit. If you're a left-handed golfer, focus on the left side of the course as soon as you feel you've missed it. Looking to the left gives you a broad idea of how the ball might land on the course.

Are Recycled Golf Balls Good for Playing?

how many golf ball lost every year

Recycled balls have excellent performance, and it's easy to check their condition before use. You can tell immediately if the cover has been exposed to water or sun. Generally, loose balls do not survive long in water and wood because of the increased demand for used golf balls.

Most golf balls can last up to ten years or several hundred rounds of golf. Golf balls must be cleaned and stored properly if you want to get the most out of them. Check them periodically, and discard any excessively soft golf balls.

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Amazing Facts about Golf Ball

  1. A typical golf ball can take 100-1,000 years to decompose. Depending on the ingredients used to make the ball during this extended period of deterioration, some toxins may be produced. As a result, environmentalists in several countries are becoming concerned about the problem of misplaced golf balls.
  2. More than 5,000 patents have been filed for various golf ball designs since 1900. The overall weight of the balls, the number of layers, and the materials used all affect the design.
  3. According to sonar research conducted there in 2009, more than 100,000 golf balls have been dropped and are now scattered on the Loch Ness floor. It is often believed that golfers used the area near the lake as a golf course.


How many golf balls does a typical player use each year?

The average golfer uses more than 100 golf balls a year, according to reliable studies. And that figure includes more than just local course hex-play. More than 126,000 golf balls have gone missing on the No. 1 famed island green, which is encircled by water.

How good are biodegradable golf balls?

Ordinary golf balls do not biodegrade and remain in oceans, forests, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water for years, damaging our ecosystems and causing problems for aquatic life. Biodegradable golf balls are a great alternative to these regular balls.

How many holes can a golf ball hit?

When replacing your ball. A golf ball can play at least seven 18-hole rounds without obvious damage and loss of performance. The golf ball is more likely to be lost than it ends up. However, it would help if you replaced the ball as soon as it felt itchy.


So, how many golf balls are wasted each year? An estimated 300 million golf balls are wasted annually. That's a lot of golf balls! Many of them end up in water hazards, forests, and other places where they are difficult to retrieve. In this article, we've given you some tips to help your balls bounce less. So, follow our tips if you want to save money on golf balls.