Golf tournaments can last anywhere from one day to a week or more. However, it all depends on the format of the tournament, the club level, and how many players are on the field. The most common format is the stroke play, where each player takes their best shot on each hole, and the total score is tallied at the end of the round.

Some golf tournaments can be held at the local, county, or national level, while others might be contested at a private country club with a small number of members. There are also match-play tournaments, where players compete hole by hole until one player has won more holes than there are left to play.

So, no one answers how many hours a golf tournament lasts. It all depends on the format and the number of players involved.

What Are The Different Types Of Golf Tournaments?

How Long Does A Golf Tournament Last

Here are some of the most popular golf tournaments in the world so you can start planning your next golf outing. These are listed below:

PGA Tournaments

Completing a PGA (Professional Golf Association) competition takes four days. The tournament typically begins on a Thursday and concludes on a Sunday. There are several alternatives to this, such as certain competitions that start on Wednesday and go for five days or others with different start and finish dates. But Thursday till Sunday is the normal period.

Over four days, stroke play is the main focus of professional golf events. These tournaments have a maximum of 72 holes divided into four rounds of 18 holes per day.

Club Tournaments

This competition is often held on Wednesdays or Saturdays at your community golf course and generally lasts in the afternoon or morning. But important competitions like club champs frequently last two days. The club has the authority to decide that.

Most club competitions consist of a single 18-hole round. However, Club Championship competitions could have two 18-hole rounds. This indicates that the competition is a stroke play or Stableford. You can play 36 holes daily if the tournament is a match play. But, if the tournament lasts two days, you must play four rounds of 18 holes.

Amateur Tournaments

Since amateur golfers play the game for enjoyment, amateur golf tournaments are less competitive than PGA tours. The contest participants do not make a spot in professional tournaments, and there is often no monetary award.

Based on changing tournament laws and restrictions, amateur golf tournaments can last one to three days and contain a variety of rounds. The US Amateur, which consists of two days of 18-hole competition followed by match play, is a suitable representation.

The first two days are stroke play, meaning every shot counts and everyone competes based on their overall scores. In the match play round of the competition, participants face off against one another depending on which holes they have won, lost, or tied.

Different Formats Of Golf Tournaments

How Long Does A Golf Tournament Last

The several scoring formats that a golf competition might use are listed below:


In both amateur and professional golf, match-play is an uncommon format. It needs a knockout or round-robin format and a few unscheduled days. Match-play is a type of golf where players face off against each other in a single match, according to the USGA.

The person who scores the lowest wins the hole and gains extra points. The player who scores the lowest wins the hole and gains an extra stroke. In an 18-hole competition, if you are 10-up with eight holes left, the match ends as there aren't sufficient holes left for your competitor to recover and win.

Only multi-day events or leagues played throughout a season usually use this structure. The US and British Amateurs are match-play competitions, and the only PGA tour tournament with this structure is the WGC Dell Technologies Championship.


Betterball is a format created for teams widely utilized in amateur competitions. In a two-ball better ball game, you and your companion will receive the score with the highest number of points on each hole. Suppose, for instance; you receive a 4/3 while your companion receives a 5/2. Your team will then score three points.

You can also play a four-ball better ball, in which case you take the highest score from your team. The winning team has the maximum points at the end of the competition.


There are only three times in the year when we enjoy foursomes: the Ryder Cup, the Presidents Cup, and the Zurich Classic. However, a foursome format will never be an opportunity for amateur golfers.

It's a simple procedure in which you are matched with another player and play opposite strokes. For example, if you play the approach shot, your partner makes the tee shot, and you make the putt.

How Much Time Does It Take To Complete A Round Of 18 holes?

In a tournament, 18 holes of golf equal one day of play. Commonly, a round of 18 holes requires around 4 hours to finish. However, depending on many variables of play, this time may not be correct for every golfer.

The Professionalism Of The players

This influences how quickly the game will go. Skilled golfers will be able to finish the round more quickly since they will miss fewer shots.

Course Complexity

An 18-hole round's playing time might be extended or shortened depending on the difficulty of the course. It would be more challenging to evaluate the entire play length because players aren't aware of other courses' behavior and difficulties.

Distance Between Holes

The distance between holes affects how long it takes to complete the 18 holes. Of course, the speed you also walk matters, and some golf clubs exert pressure on their members to complete it in less than four hours.

Note: Each hole in a golf competition has a minimum amount of time for the participants. It takes as little as 10 minutes to complete a par three hole, 13 minutes to complete a par four hole, and 15 minutes to complete a par five hole.

Final Thoughts

So, how long does a golf tournament last? A golf tournament can last anywhere from one day to a week or more, depending on the tournament format, the number of players involved, and the rounds played. The length of the tournament will also depend on whether it is an amateur, club, or professional event.

Professional tournaments usually last four days, amateur tournaments may only last one to three days, and club tournaments may last one to two days.36-hole round play will take more time than 18-hole round.

So, if you're planning on attending a golf tournament, check the schedule to know how long to expect it to last. Thanks for reading!