In this blog post, we will explore some funny terms used in golf. From "mulligan" to "birdie," we will cover everything you need to know to ensure you do not look like a complete novice on the course.

Therefore, whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, read on to learn more about the golf vocabulary that will have you laughing in no time.

Why Are Terms Important In Golf?

funny golf terms

When playing golf, it is important to know the various terms used. Doing so will allow you to communicate with your fellow players and understand the game better. Here are some of the most common terms used in golf:

  • Birdie - A hole score of one stroke under par.
  • Bogey - A score of one stroke over par on a hole.
  • Eagle - A hole score of two strokes under par.
  • Par - The number of strokes a golfer must take to complete a hole.
  • Stroke - One complete swing of the club at the ball.

These are just common examples. We will discuss many more terms, so stay tuned with this article.

Important Terminologies In Golf

Here are a few famous terms for golf. You must be aware of them to understand the game better.

Texas Wedge

The Texas Wedge describes a shot in which the ball is hit high, usually with many spins. The name comes from the fact that players from Texas often use this shot.

This shot can be very useful when trying to get out of trouble or when trying to reach a green that is located behind a large obstacle. However, it can also be very difficult to control and often leads to high scores.


An albatross is a term used in golf to describe a score of three under par on a single hole. This is an extremely rare feat, and as such, an albatross is considered one of the most impressive scores in golf.

Fried Egg

The term-fried egg is used in golf when your ball lands in a divot on the green and leaves an imprint of the egg shape. This can make it difficult, as the ball will not roll smoothly.


A snowman is a golf term that describes a score of zero on a hole. Beginner golfers most often use the term, as it is a very difficult feat.

funny golf terms

Goat Track

A goat track is a golf course that is in poor condition. The term is often used to describe a course located in a rural area that has not been maintained properly.

There are many reasons why a golf course might become a goat track. Often, the course owner does not have enough money to maintain it properly.

In some cases, its previous owner may have abandoned the course. Whatever the reason, playing on a goat track can be a frustrating experience for golfers.


When you have been robbed in golf, you have had a hole-in-one that has been nullified because no one witnessed it.

This is a serious bummer because a hole-in-one is supposed to be a special moment. However, if no one saw it, it did not happen according to the game's rules.

The Cat Box

Many terms in golf are confusing for those who do not play the game. One such term is "the cat box." This refers to the area around the hole where the flagstick is located. The cat box is where all the action happens on the green.

The ball will often end up in this area, where you will find the most traffic from other players. If you are new to golf, make sure you know where the cat box is before you tee off.

The 19th Hole

The 19th hole is a term used to describe the situation where a golfer has one more shot to take after already completing their 18-hole round. In most cases, this extra shot is taken to win a bet or wager made during the round.

While the term "19th hole" is commonly used in casual conversation, it can also be seen occasionally in print media.

Mickey Mouse Course

In golf, we can use various terms to describe different aspects of the game. One such term is "Mickey Mouse course."

A Mickey Mouse golf course is not up to par with other courses in the area. It may have poor drainage, bad greens, or other issues. This term is generally used negatively, as most golfers prefer to play on courses that meet their expectations.

Do not get discouraged if you find yourself playing on a Mickey Mouse course. Remember, even the best golfers have bad days from time to time. Just focus on enjoying the game and doing your best. You will be sure to have a good time regardless of the conditions of the course.

Victory Lap

A victory lap is an act of taking a celebratory walk around the course after winning a golf tournament.

It is considered a sign of good sportsmanship to take a victory lap, allowing the fans to show their appreciation for the winner. Victory laps can be taken alone or with fellow competitors and are often accompanied by raised fists and cheers from the crowd.


The yips is a term used in golf to describe the sudden onset of nervousness or trepidation. At the same time, trying to perform a relatively simple task. Such as making a short putt. The cause of the yips is unknown, but it is thought to be related to the psychological aspects of the game.

There are several theories about what causes the yips. One theory is that a fear of failure or embarrassment causes it. Another theory is that a lack of confidence or self-belief causes it. Whatever the cause, the yips can be debilitating and ruin a golf round.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is the name of the best golf shot?

An ace, also known as a hole-in-one, is the highest possible score. When you get an ace, you get to write a "1" on your scorecard.

What do you call a golf victory?

The team or player wins the most holes, rather than the lowest rating, and is declared the winner. The first hole is won by "one up."

Why is golf such a difficult game?

Golf is difficult for people because it is an aimed sport. You must use precise swing fundamentals and estimations to move your ball from one juncture to another. Besides consistent ball flight, an accurate judgment of wind, airspeed, and humidity is required for optimal distance control.

Wrapping Up

There are many terms in golf. However, it would help if you were known a couple of them. It will help you better your game and the conversation with other golfers.

We hope that you understand these terminologies of golf. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us.