When you decide to buy a golf cart for yourself, Ezgo is one of the few names that come to your mind. It truly delivers you what you expect.

Golf carts are so versatile and can be used for many other purposes like carrying and throwing trash from one place to another, roaming around the neighborhood, shopping in big malls, hunting, and transportation, etc. To choose the most suitable golf cart for you, you have to keep in mind what purpose you are buying the cart for. When the purpose is clear, you'll get the best golf cart for yourself.

The very first ezgo cart was launched in 1954. Ezgo carts are famous for their durability and easy maintenance. They gained customers' loyalty by providing them with what they wanted without compromising their quality. Also, the prices are very affordable. If you want to know more about ezgo carts, this article is for you. Keep reading to get more information.

Ezgo txt

What's Ezgo Txt?

Ezgo is a world-leading transportation and golf car manufacturer. It is known for its operational excellence. Since 1960,ezgo has been a part of Textron Inc.(txt). It is a powerful multi-industry company. Now ezgo's vehicles are designed and manufactured by Textron Specialized Vehicles.

Ezgo makes many golf carts, but Ezgo txt is one the most popular models by ezgo. Many people are familiar with the name, but for those who aren't, don't worry; this article will help you know all about it.

Ezgo txt is known for its unique design and smoothness. It is a simple, elegant, and inexpensive model of Ezgo. That increases its demand. Textron has made sure to make it advanced and engaging for the customers. But you should be careful while riding these golf carts.

It Comes In Three Beautiful Models

1. Ezgo Txt Ex1 Gas Model

Gas models are not so popular. People prefer electric cars now and avoid gasoline. But for those who want them,ezgo provides a high-quality gas golf cart. Some people prefer these over electric. It's all about the choices, and ezgo takes care of them all.


  • It uses an EX1 gas engine, which makes its power level great and super fast.
  • The engine has closed loop EFI
  • This model has refined shocks (hydraulic)
  • Gives a smooth ride because of the extra absorbers
  • It's a great off-road txt ride
  • It is powerful

2. Ezgo Txt Electric Model

If you prefer electric golf carts over gasoline carts, this model is for you. If you want to know which is the most popular and acclaimed model of ezgo, here you have it. This particular model is what worked as a game changer for ezgo. People love it. It is a flagship cart for ezgo. But it isn't a great option for off-road rides.


  • It also has hydraulic shock absorbers
  • It gives an extremely smooth ride
  • It is powerful but has less power than the EX1 model
  • Has a charge meter and a battery charger

3. Ezgo Txt Elite Lithium

It is the unique model of ezgo. This is a great and unique upgrade by Textron in the electric carts range. This model is loved by people.


  • Upgraded batteries
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast charging
  • Allows you to get on the road whenever you want
  • Keeps the batteries stronger
  • Easy to use
  • Top operational potential
Ezgo txt

What's Common In These Three Models?

All three carts are amazing and one of a kind. Each cart has its features. All of them come with a very comfortable seat. So you don't hurt your back while riding the cart, even on uneven areas. There's a bag cover to protect your cart from bad weather. The dashboard storage is vast. Directional controls are very simple and easy to understand. The oversized bag storage area/compartment is there. They all are very comfortable to ride in. There are some other specifications which you have to keep in mind before buying any of them.

1. Design

  • The frame design is common in these three models. They are made of welded steel frames with a powder coat that protects the frame from rusting.
  • There's injection molded TPO on every model's frame to make them strong and reliable
  • There are several colors available, e.g., red, electric blue, almond, burgundy, ivory, orange, green, etc.
  • Custom coloring option is also available

2. Size

  • Overall sizes of these models are very similar. The typical length of each model is 95 inches.
  • The width is 47 inches. That's the ideal size for a golf cart.
  • Height is slightly different in the gas, electric, and elite models.
  • Without a canopy height of the gas and electric model is 47.5 inches. And with a canopy, the height is 67.5 inches
  • Without a canopy height of the elite model is one inch shorter than the electric and gas model
  • Wheelbases are the strongest in all models (66 inches)

3. Power Levels

Power levels are a little different, but not so much.

  • The gas model has a four-cycle motor with a single cylinder capable of 11.5 horsepower.
  • The electric model has a 48-volt dc battery
  • The elite model has a 56-volt battery

4. Riding Factors

All these models are comfortable for two persons to ride. The third seat might be available in some models. It can be installed on demand.

5. Speed

  • Gas models can go about 12 miles per hour
  • Electric and elite models can go up to 14.8 miles per hour

6.  Load Capacity

  • The gas models have a capacity of loading 500 pounds
  • The electric and elite models can carry up to 800 pounds

Pros And Cons Of Ezgo Txt



  • These models are made with advanced technology PDS, which is known as the technology of future.

  • Don't perform well on hilly areas

  • They are well designed 

  • The shifter needs to be improved 

  • Give a smooth ride

  • They are durable 

  • Easy to customize

  • Fairly priced.


It's not that difficult to choose the best golf cart for yourself. Just remember what you need it for, the choice will become easy. We have provided you with all the information regarding the ezgo txt. We hope this article was helpful for you and we somehow added to your knowledge. Please share your experience with u