Especially look after the grip area if you like to play golf consistently. A time comes when the grips of your golf clubs become loose and cracked. That's a big problem, but don't worry, we have got you covered.

cost to regrip golf clubs

You devote your time and energy to it. You really don't want to waste them. A well-gripped golf club set is key to a good golf game. Only a true golfer understands the importance of regripping. It is a game changer. Maintaining the grip clubs will cost you way less than replacing them.

You don't have to buy a new golf club set whenever there's a small issue. You can change the grips yourself easily without any help. You just have to follow the accurate method.

But if you don't trust yourself with it, then you can get help from a nearby local golf store. It saves you the effort. In this article, you will get to know what is the cost to regrip golf clubs and how to do the regripping easily.

Basics Of Golf Clubs

A perfect golf club is made in a way that provides an accurate, long, and error-free shot. A golf club is designed to maximize the physics behind the golfer's swings. If you swing better, you don't need a forgiving club. But if you need more learning in your swing, you need a more forgiving club design.

cost to regrip golf clubs

According to golf rules, you can carry fourteen clubs in your bag. People typically carry one set of irons, two sets of Hybrids, some wedges, drivers, and putters.

3 Components Of A Golf Club

A golf club has three important components

1. Head

Heads can be made from many materials, but Zinc, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum alloy are used most commonly.

2. Shaft

Steel and Graphite are typically used to make the shafts of gold clubs. Graphite shafts are affordable and are best if you play a longer drive and have a good swing. Shafts play an important role as heads.

3. Grip

Grips can get loose, hardened, and slicked with the passage of time and the usage of clubs. You should change your grips more often. It's like oil changing in your car. Keep in mind that the grips which have the perfect grip are the grips that lose their grip in a short time.

How Much Does Regripping Golf Clubs Cost?

If you want to change the grips of your golf clubs, then find the best suitable grips first. You will then need a regripping kit as well. Many golf stores offer that for you at a very low price. It's totally up to you whether you want to do it yourself. A fairly decent grip will cost you $2.5-$20 per grip.


Price Range

  1. Super Stroke Cross Comfort Grips


  1. Lamkin Cross-Line Grips


  1. Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 Grips


  1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Grip


  1. Karma Standard Velvet Grip


If you buy a regripping kit for yourself, it'll cost you $15-$25. A typical regripping kit includes tape, glue, and other important things. If you want your grips changed from a grip store, it'll cost you around $5 per grip.

The average cost to regrip golf clubs is $70-$130. Changing the grips of your golf clubs every 30-35 rounds is suggested.

When To Regrip The Clubs?

Your golf clubs start giving you some signs when it's time to change the grips, e.g.,

  • The grip gets slippery and is out of control
  • The grip gets hardened
  • Disturbed alignment
  • Grip starts cracking, etc.

Why Regrip Golf Clubs?

Regripping helps a lot to level up your game. It helps to hold the grip with less pressure instead of holding it tighter. The more you tighten your hand grip, the less you swing because your arm muscles and wrist suffer tension. The clubs keep slipping from your hand.

With a good golf club grip, you can swing better without fearing losing the club from your hand while swinging. Also, the gloves' lifespan gets reduced by applying so much pressure. That is the most common mistake golfers make. A nice set of grips can be a booster for your golf game. It is a good option to save money.

3 Types Of Grips

Golf club grips are of three types:

1. Braided

They are also known as corded grips. They are made of rubber but have a braid. Because of this intertwined braid, it becomes easy to hold the club grip even when the hands are sweaty or wet.

2. Rubber

It is the most common type of golf club grip and is available at very low prices. Rubber grips are easy to hold and are soft on the hands.

3. Wraps

The old golf clubs had leather around the shaft, which was a grip. Now that the time has changed, there are improvements in the quality with the same vintage look. It gives a soft and tackier grip.

How To Regrip The Golf Clubs Like A Pro?

In this case, you have to pay for the new grips set. It will save you the money of labor. But your attention and effort are required.

Things Needed:

  • New Grips
  • Tape(Double-Sided)
  • Grip Solvent
  • Knife
  • Vice

Steps-By-Step Guide

You'll need to follow some easy steps

1. Get Rid Of The Old One

Remove the old grip with a utility knife or a blade.

2. Ready The Shaft For New Grip

Remove the old grip tape and apply the new grip tape

3. Apply Solvent

Fill the new grip with grip solvent and shake it

4. Install New Grip

Place the new grip onto the club's shaft carefully

5. Wait Until Ready.

Let it dry properly. It'll take a few hours.


  • Be careful with the knife, don't scratch the shaft.
  • Hold your finger over the hole at the top when filling the replacement grip with the solvent.
  • Carefully slide the new grip to the shaft without messing up with the alignment of the head.
  • Make sure the solvent gets all over the inside of the replacement grip before putting it on the shaft.

Benefits Of Regripping From A Professional/Pro Fitter

  • Its Time Saving
  • Experience Matters
  • They Know The Best Grips
  • Quality Work
  • Money Saving


We suggest doing the regripping yourself because it's not a one-time task. You should first learn how to change the grips and do it yourself next time.

The average cost to regrip golf clubs is $30-$200. We have tried to share all the information regarding grips and regripping. Now it's up to you which grips you want for your golf clubs. Don't forget to share your experience.