While there are no rules against it, some golfers may find that wearing two gloves can interfere with their swing. Ultimately, it is up to the individual golfer to decide whether they want to wear two gloves while playing. If you choose to wear two gloves while golfing, ensure that they fit snugly and do not impede your ability to grip the club properly.

In this article, we will discuss in detail wearing two gloves in golf as well the pros and cons of it.

Pros Of Using Two Golf Gloves

Can Golfers Wear Two Gloves

Here are some positive points about using two gloves while playing golf:

Prevent Pain

If you ever discover yourself playing golf without needing a glove and have pain in your hand, let's initiate wearing two gloves. This prevents blisters and makes you more comfortable, allowing you to play longer without pain.

Best For Delicate Skin

If you suffer from a skin problem such as eczema or are often burned, wearing two golf gloves protects your palms and allows you to play golf pain-free.

Severe pain in the ungloved hand is a strong indication that you need to cover it up for golf and to defend the hand overall.

Prevent Sweat

Sweaty hands and a hard solid Golf grip do not even mix. If you notice yourself sweating on the course, particularly if you walk a lot, gloves will soak your moisture and enable your hold to remain robust and stable, providing you confidence and consistency.

If you find yourself losing your grip on the Glove, it could be because your hands are sweaty, so wearing a pair of Gloves makes sense.

Cons Of Using Two Golf Gloves

However, there are some reasons why we should not wear two gloves:

Difficult to overlap your wrists on the club

Golf gripping is essential for achieving success on the course. We learn this without gloves to feel the finger pressure required to hold the club and what grip feels comfortable properly.

Adding two gloves, based on their thickness, will create a more problematic natural Golf grip. You will find it quite difficult to overlap the wrists on the club when wearing two gloves.

Reduced Fingertip Accuracy

Picking tees from your bag or pocket, inserting baller markers, and anything else that takes fingertip precision. The actions you perform during the game will eventually become more difficult when you wear two gloves.

With two gloves, everything more difficult with winter gloves, such as emailing or even using your smartphone, will be more difficult on the golf course.

Is It Essential To Put On Golf Gloves?

Can Golfers Wear Two Gloves

Yes, it is necessary to wear golf gloves. It will help you in many ways. A few of them are briefly described below:

Better Grip

A golf glove's principal function is to increase grip. The glove for golf is thicker than human skin. It is helpful, especially in hot conditions. Moreover, it will assist put off the club in the golfer's hand from twisting. Gloves aid golfers with a weaker grip because they increase friction and gripping force with the club.

Prevent Blisters

The repeated swing action may cause blisters or calluses if you hold a golf club too tightly. While wearing a glove is not a cure, it can lessen the likelihood of blisters and broken skin appearing. In addition, some golfers will tape blister-prone areas of their hands.

Cooling Effect

Many golfers hesitate to wear gloves because they believe they will become too warm. A good leather glove, on the other hand, provides a cooling effect. It may seem contradictory, but on a hot day, your hands will sweat lower inside a glove than outside a glove. Sweaty hands will adversely influence your contact with your golf clubs during the round if you are not wearing a glove.

Why do Golfers Typically Only Play with One Glove?

Golfers typically only play with one Glove for a few reasons. For one, it can help them to get a better grip on the club.

Additionally, it can keep their hand from getting too sweaty, improving their grip and preventing the club from slipping out of their hand. Finally, wearing two gloves can make it more difficult to swing the club properly, so most golfers stick to just one Glove.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Do any professional golfers use two gloves?

Similarly, not every golfer wears one Glove all of the time. Some golfers never wear a glove at all. Others, including PGA Tour pro-Tommy "wo Gloves" Gainey, wear two gloves on each hand.

What is the purpose of golfers removing their gloves between shots?

Golfers remove their gloves to allow the gloves to breathe, allowing them to be less sweaty and preventing skin issues. Because having no gloves enhances club feel, most professionals will remove a glove when the shot will not result in slippage, such as chipping, short pitches, and putting.

How many golf balls are PGA professionals permitted to carry?

Change occurs significantly more frequently on the PGA Tour. However, there is no restriction on balls as long as they follow the One Ball Rule, which requires the same type and brand.


No, golfers should not wear two gloves. While some may think that wearing two gloves will help them grip the club better, it decreases their ability to feel the club and make a proper swing. In addition, it can cause the golfer's hands to sweat more, leading to slippage. So if you are looking to improve your game, ditch the double gloves and stick to just one.We hope you will find this article helpful when going to your next game. If you have any queries regarding golf, feel free to ask. We at Exogolfers will love to answer all of your questions.